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Our Mission

Valley Youth Connections strives to positively influence youth in our community and help them succeed in the field of academics and juvenile judicial complications. Here, we strive to instill in our youth, the practices that are essential for progression through life skill development, evidence-based programming, and classroom simulation. Our goal is to ensure every child and student that we serve gets connected in our community.  

Maddie Millay

Director of Operations

Connie Scott

Food Extraordinaire

Chris Wilson


Shelley Hall


Shaylee Little

Human Resource Administrator / Billing Coordinator 

Brandon Allen

Family Support Coordinator

Sam Crouch

Licensed Mental Health Therapist 

Kat Vallejo

Licensed Substance Abuse Therapist

Anne Marie Lauderdale

Licensed Mental Health Therapist 

Shelby Huchison

Family Support Worker
Youth Specialist

Danielle Jay

Youth Specialist 

Crystal Hoagland

Youth Specialist

Tammy Flores

Family Support Worker

Meet Our Staff

About us

Valley Youth Connections, LLC is a locally owned company that wishes to invest in the future of our community; our youth. The community is in need of a safe and structured place in which children can develop skills that are necessary for success in their future. Shelly Hall and Christine WIlson, the co-owners of the VYC, have set out on a mission to create an environment that is designed to support and enhance youth development in the panhandle of Nebraska. 

Valley Youth Connections has evolved into a multi-tier support system that is capable of reaching kids at any level of need. We offer an abundance of services as listed. 

Programs & Events

Valley Youth Connections offers a variety of placement services and sponsors a plethora of events throughout the year. Click below for event and placement details

Couple at an Event
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