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Alternative School

We collaborate with local schools, Probation, parent placements, and other youth agencies to provide educational support  services for the youth. 

We provide one meal per reporting service and transportation to and from the center. 

We help achieve the goals set forth by the public school system or probation.

We provide evidence-based programming to help the youth achieve his/her goals.

Family Support

We meet service expectations for family support by working with the family and youth on specific goals set by Probation or the Department of Heath and Human Services. This service will take place in the family home or place of comfort for the family and youth. Hours of service will be set by the Judge or The Juvenile Assessment Center. The family support worker will visit weekly with the probation officer to determine the exact need for service. We attend all family team meetings and Probation meetings for the youth. 

Family support services will meet the family where they are, and work with them to collaborate resources with other agencies the youth and family may need to meet the goals set forth by Probation or the Juvenile Assessment Center. 

Case Managed Tutoring

We meet service expectations by determining what classes the youth is struggling in or failing. Our staff will collaborate with the school system that the youth is in to meet the youth's needs. This is a school, Juvenile Assessment Center, Probation or parent placed service. 


We partner with Foodbank For the Heartland and provide food boxes for Scottsbluff and the surrounding communities. These food boxes are handed out every third Wednesday of the month.

We accept donations from the community to provide necessities to students and clients we serve. All donations are welcome and can be dropped off to Valley Youth Connections during hours of operations. 

Summer Programs

We offer classes surrounding mental health, anger management and responsibility during our summer program. Youth are able to learn the importance of community by participating in community service once a week. This is a Probation, Department of Health and Human Services, or parent placed service. 

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