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Valley Youth Connections

The core value that guided us to form Valley Youth Connections is to be the beacon of hope as we serve the youth, families and communities in solving the challenges in society. 

We focus on the innate strengths of all people we work with in each situation. We treat everyone with dignity, compassion, and respect. We demonstrate with the right support and resources for the youth, families and community to achieve solutions for their needs. 

Our Programs


Unique and structured environment addressing criminogenic needs and social emotional health

IFP/Family Support

Family intervention that includes theraputic input designed to improve family function and dynamics

Youth Therapy

Theraputic Groups shaped specifically for the intervention of  Youth Mental Health issues

Education Support

Alternative Learning Location for Surrounding School Districts

Our Goals: 

  1.  To improve youth/student's academic attendance and grades.
  2. To appear with the youth/student and their families at all                    scheduled school or probation meetings. 
  3. Guide the youth succeed in all aspects of their lives.
  4. Guide the youth in maintaining appropriate behaviors at home            and in the community.
  5. to access community resources to meet the youth and their                 families at their own level. 
  6. To provide structured and supervised group activities during                high risk times for youth. 



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Connected Community


I am Connected

VYC helped me during my darkest times. Pulled me out of the hole I was in. You guys cared about me. 

Christian, Student

"I would like to thank you guys... I want to do better and stay our of trouble. You changed my life

Bradley, Reporter

"Valley Youth Connections is a wonderful, non-judgmental, and loving community."

Aurora, Student

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29 South Beltline Highway West


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